Friday, January 2, 2015

New Year, New Me-2015

Happy New Year!  A clean slate, a fresh start and a second chance to get it right.  

I like to start the new year, as well as the new school year, with a *family meeting.*  Roger and Maddie say the family meeting strikes fear in their hearts. (Only because after all these years, they can't forget the one that went wrong...really wrong.  Yes, it was bad and we no longer speak of it.) Anyway, I plan the family meeting for the Sunday morning before we return to school in January and August.  Here are a few things we discuss at our family meeting.  

1.  We reflect on, edit and, if needed, rewrite our *life lists.* A life list is a bit different than a bucket list.   A life list has daily, weekly, monthly and year-long goals to aspire to. Writing the goals and posting them in our Command Center holds us accountable for those goals and aspirations.  

2.  We brainstorm summer vacation plans, then make a list of things we need to do to work toward that vacation.  Save/set aside money, make reservations, etc.  

3.  We choose *one little word* and discuss why this word was chosen and how it will guide our year.  My word this year is *Focus.*  I plan to focus on the present, focus on the task at hand and focus on the ones I love.  

4. We review our *chore contracts.* Our chore contracts list the jobs we are each responsible for in the home.  Roger and I tag-team most chores around the house, but there are a few that are solely his and solely mine. Maddie has her own contract with a list of her chores and a daily/weekly completion timeline.  And, yes, we sign and date our contracts. 

5. We plan our weekly menu *theme days.*  Ex. Crock-pot Monday, Taco Tuesday, Pizza Friday, etc.  We also browse my Pinterest boards and brainstorm new meal ideas we would like to try.  I text my Dad and get his input, since he dines with us four times a week.

I hope this encourages you to hold your own family meeting.  It always sets the tone for an organized and productive new year.  

Here's to a blessed 2015.  Cheers!